Friday, Sep 30, 2022

Herrera y Los Santos vuelven a registrar alta incidencia de casos nuevos de la Covid-19

Herrera and Los Santos once again register a high number of new COVID-19 cases

For the second week in a row, the provinces of Herrera and Los Santos marked as the regions that registered the most new cases of Covid-19 , according to the epidemiological report presented by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).
The figures of the report, which records the incidents between July 2 and 9, in Los Santos there was an increase of 161 cases compared to the previous week; it went from 916 new cases to 1,077.

The national head of epidemiology of the Minsa, Leonardo Labrador, explained yesterday that the districts that have more people with the virus are Las Tablas with 589 and Los Santos with 173.

As for the province of Herrera, it is detailed that an increase of 105 cases was reported; it had 1,008 active cases and went to 1,113. The highest incidence of cases is in the Chitré district with 697.

Since last June 27, the Minsa has established mobility restriction measures in several districts of Herrera and Los Santos, which in some sectors include quarantine on Sundays.

Labrador said that the other province that registered an increase in new important positives is Panama Oeste, which two weeks ago registered 2,377 cases and seven days later it reached 2,780.

One of the largest increases in cases was recorded in the San Carlos district; He was 51 and went up to 115.

In this district, a total quarantine was established on Sundays that includes a work restriction and whose hours will be from 10:00 pm, Saturday until 4:00 am, Monday, it is taken to reduce the contagion of Covid-19 in that sector .

The Sunday quarantine measure is maintained in the district of La Chorrera, also in West Panama.

On the other hand, it was highlighted that in San Miguelito, Chiriquí and the metropolitan area of ​​Panama, Bocas del Toro and the regions of Guna Yala and Ngäbe Buglé maintain a decrease in cases for consecutive weeks.

Oh ya 440 days ago
They do know that mike and that is why they are using them. It is fear porn to get everyone to take the experimental biological agent jab. Even the guy who invented the PCR test has said it should not be used for testing covid19. I saw a new study out of a university in Spain that tested a Pfizer shot and found it contains 99% graphene oxide. A known poison. They have sucured more vials and are now testing the contents
mike 440 days ago
PCR tests are worthless. They produce a very high percentage of false positive results. MINSA SHOULD KNOW THAT.


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