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Hearing will be held today to validate evidence against Varela

Hearing will be held today to validate evidence against Varela

Thursday June 25, a hearing will be held to control the evidence within the complaint filed by lawyers Sidney Sittón and Miguel Antonio Bernal, against former President of the Republic Juan Carlos Varela, for alleged money laundering, and an illicit association to commit a crime, in a case linked to Odebrecht.
In the middle of the diligence, the Public Ministry will put before the judge of guarantees, bank documentation with the intention that they be validated and thus introduce them to the investigations.

Erasmo Muñoz, Varela's lawyer, indicated that his client has not been charged for this matter, adding that today's session is a data seizure hearing. The Public Ministry requests the hearing and the accused or investigated are notified, and through attorneys or themselves directly, they can appear to establish that everything that is taking place at the hearing is due process and that there is no violation of the fundamental rights and the right to information, explained the lawyer.

The diligence will take place at 2:30 pm in Plaza Ágora. This investigation is not part of the mother case that is in the hands of the Special Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, and that is carried out under the rules of the inquisitorial system.

In a statement released today, titled: 'Innocent men do not run away' former President Varela's office reported that this hearing is a media effort of powerful interests with ties to corruption, which saturate our judicial system to distract them from their own judicial problems.

He added that this complaint results in another harassment and that his lawyers will be there to participate and cooperate.

While the company Varela Hermanos SA issued a statement yesterday afternoon. It stated that Sittón's statements that the company laundered funds from Odebrecht for the purchase of supplies, violate the honor, reputation and prestige of Varela Hermanos SA.

These slanderous and insulting statements are not only false, but they are the same made in the media by Mr. Rodrigo Tacla Durán, which we deny through a press release on July 28, 2017, the statement added.

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