Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Las discotecas y bares, por disposición del Minsa, podrán entregar sus productos exclusivos por delivery

Health Minister Luis Sucre calls on bar owners to reinvent themselves

The Minister of Health of Panama (Minsa) Luis Francisco Sucre said this morning, in the middle of the start of Phase 2 of the Vaccination, that the reactivation of bars and discos through the delivery of their exclusive products by delivery was given to request of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MICI).
"That was an issue that we discussed with the Minister of Commerce and Industries, who was the one who asked us that they were already the last shops that were closed and they asked us to at least give the opportunity, since it did not really alter what They could work for delivery and I think that is an opportunity, now it depends on them and their organization with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, but hey there are creative people, what are we going to do, there are people who have a good mood and use these elements to get away, what are we going to do to him, "Sucre said.

The minister urged the owners of bars and clubs to organize with the MICI and reinvent themselves to reactivate their businesses.

"We have had to reinvent ourselves, in fact there are already wineries and stores that are selling by delivery, so this is not new, but it depends on each organization. They also have to do with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries if it suits them or not", Sucre said.

Finally, the head of the Minsa indicated that they will wait for the effect of the vaccine on the population to then decide the gradual reopening of these premises.

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