Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

Los dueños de los certificados de operación deberán realizar limpiezas constantes de los vehículos

Health measures issued for public transport before reopening on Monday, September 7

The Panama Terrestrial Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT) published on Friday what will be the provisions on occupation and preventive health measures that will be adopted for the operation of public passenger transport as of Monday, September 7.

The ATTT, prior coordination with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Security and the National Directorate of Traffic Operations of the National Police, informs the transporters, owners of Operation Certificates, drivers and users of the public transport service, in their selective and collective modalities nationwide, that from Monday, September 7, the limited occupancy must be maintained according to the number designated for each vehicle.

- 55 seat school buses (red devil) 33 seated, 6 standing (39)
- 60 seat school buses (red devil) 36 seated, 6 standing (42)
- 45 seat school buses (red devil) 27 seated, 5 standing (32)
- 45 passenger buses (Nevera Type) 23 seated, 7 standing (30)
- 30 passenger buses (Coaster Type) 16 seated, 5 standing (21)
- 15 passenger buses (Hiace type) 9 seated, 2 standing (11)
- Metro Bus of 80 passengers (Gran Viale) 17 seated, 29 standing (46)
- Metro Bus of 82 passengers (Torino) 23 seated, 23 standing (46)
- Taxis (selective service only) 1 passenger or a family bubble per journey / 2 passengers: person with disabilities or elderly with caregiver.
(Family Bubble is made up of members of the same family.)

In the statement published by the ATTT, it is established that the driver and the secretary of the bus are not considered or counted as passengers on the bus in terms of the occupation described above.

It also warns that carriers must comply with the allowed amount and must adopt sanitary measures until the behavior of the pandemic is evaluated as economic activities are reactivated.

The ATTT defines responsibilities for both the authorities and the entities in charge of ensuring compliance with these measures in buses and taxis through operations.

While the owners of the transport are responsible to comply with the constant cleaning of the vehicles, the signage that establishes the distancing and the delivery of supplies to the drivers for their protection. While drivers are forced to wear masks, keep their distance and avoid crowding in vehicles.

And finally, users are asked to use a mandatory mask or as much protection as possible, not to talk on a cell phone inside vehicles, not to get on a transport that exceeds the limit amount and not to eat or drink anything within the limits. vehicles.

It should be remembered that from September 7, the Government will allow the reopening of activities such as the construction industry and related activities (engineers, architects, project managers, contractors, moving and haulage services); of the Panama Pacific Special Economic Area; from the Colon Free Zone and free zones, from private marine areas and sport fishing, tailor shops, dressmakers, shoe stores and car washes.


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