Friday, Mar 05, 2021

Autoridades de salud, en alerta por los casos activos de la Covid-19 en Aguadulce

Health authorities on alert for active cases of Covid-19 in Aguadulce

The increase in cases of Covid-19 detected in Aguadulce district in Coclé, keeps the authorities of the region on alert, who do not rule out applying even more energetic measures to prevent the further spread of the disease.
Yavier Gordón, regional deputy director of Health of the province of Coclé, said that in the community there are a total of 32 active cases of the virus that, added to the 48 detected this week in the Aguadulce prison, make a total of 80 cases .

From the investigation that is being carried out in the Aguadulce prison, new tests were carried out and the result of 68 samples is pending, which we will know between Sunday and Monday, he explained.

Among the security forces there are two firefighters who tested positive for the new coronavirus and whose condition is stable.

Tthe Mayor's Office of the Municipality of Aguadulce established, in mid-July, a temporary dry law that prohibits the sale of liquor on weekends and establishes fines between $500 and $1,000 for those who fail to comply with the measure.

During the last three weekends, the municipality collected more than $10,000 in fines for noncompliance with the rule, it has been reported.

The justice of the peace have been ordered to triple their efforts and a contingent of police officers has been sent to the district so that those who do not wear the mask, wander the streets after 7:00 pm, with the exception of workers, are sanctioned Gordon said.

The official warned that if this week the figure of 100 cases of Covid-19 is exceeded: we will request the Ministry of Health to order a total quarantine in the district.

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