Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

Group of people caught in a party in 'Garden' in Los Santos

Group of people caught in a party in 'Garden' in Los Santos

Three men who were caught along with three foreigners inside a hostess bar ("casa de citas") in the city of Las Tablas, Los Santos province, in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, will be sanctioned by the authorities.
The owner of "La Loma Garden", who would be the administrator of the Joaquín Pablo Franco Sayas de Las Tablas Hospital, will also be penalized, as this type of place must be kept closed – until the opening of the sixth block.

The director of the National Migration Service (SNM) of Los Santos, Francisco Eloy Vega, said that it was the National Police who surprised them.

“There was a little party there and some were in the rooms. And that is completely prohibited because they (foreigners) cannot work because this activity is still prohibited as a result of the Covid pandemic,” said the director.

Vega indicated that the three foreigners, whose nationalities were not disclosed, are already under immigration orders to comply with due process.

"According to the law we can fine both the owner of the garden and foreigners for not having a work permit," he added.

Meanwhile, the regional director of health of Los Santos, Ayvar Hernández, said that the National Police and the Justice of the Peace of Las Tablas have already raised the report of this event that occurred on Saturday morning, June 20.

He added that all this information will be sent to them on Monday and the sanction that corresponds to each of the involved will be defined.

"We will sanction the three nationals and the business owner," said Hernández.

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