Thursday, Oct 06, 2022

Green alert declared in eight provinces and in the Ngäbe-Buglé region due to increased rainfall

The warning for increased rainfall is extended until Thursday before the passing of a Tropical Wave.
The National Civil Protection System ( Sinaproc ) declared a green alert in the provinces of Bocas del Toro, Chiriquí, Veraguas, Herrera, Los Santos, Panamá Oeste, Colón and in the Ngäbe-Buglé region due to the significant increase in rainfall.

The green alert is a warning for prevention and monitoring that is issued when there is the possibility of an event that puts the population at risk.

According to Sinaproc, the rain warning extends until Thursday, August 26, due to the presence of low pressure systems that are interacting with the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ICZ) and the passage of tropical waves over the Panamanian territory.

High accumulated rains between 25 to 150 mm or liters of water per square meter, electrical storms and possible windy conditions are expected, according to ETESA SA's Surveillance and Forecast management. Mountainous regions are also expected to have equal or higher amounts of water , generating increased rivers.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami activated surveillance protocols on the coasts of the Central American Caribbean, given the possibility of a tropical wave moving and forming a tropical cyclone in the area. The probability of this happening is 50%, with a tendency to increase.

The authorities ask the population to be careful during these days with the levels of streams and rivers; in addition to flooded streets and saturation of the sewers.

Given the record of thunderstorms, they recommend seeking refuge in a safe place, and keeping an eye on the warning notices that are generated.

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