Saturday, Mar 06, 2021

Govt signs agreement with telephone companies offering free connectivity for Panamanians affected by the pandemic

Govt signs agreement with telephone companies offering free connectivity for Panamanians affected by the pandemic

This afternoon the Peace Room of the presidential palace of Panama witnessed the signing of the agreement between the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, representatives of the Government and the top representatives of the four telephone companies that operate in the country to ensure connectivity to those clients affected by the health crisis generated by COVID-19.
In addition to the Solidarity Educational Plan, from September 14 to December 31, 2020, Tigo - Cable Onda, SA, Cable & Wireless Panamá SA, Claro Panamá SA and Digicel Panamá SA, make available to those customers, special packages of residential mobile television, cable and telephony services, the National Public Services Authority (ASEP) indicated in a statement.

This signature called 'Solidarity Plans' constitutes good news that, added to the Educational Solidarity Plan that allows free Internet access to public sector students, will benefit the population hardest hit by this crisis, said President Cortizo, who thanked the managers of the agreement for this noble action that is an example of solidarity to move the country forward during these difficult times.

As explained, after signing, prepaid mobile plan customers will receive a free basic monthly package called the Prepaid Solidarity Plan, of 200 text messages (SMS) and 100 voice minutes within their operator's network.

While postpaid customers may opt for the Basic Solidarity Plan, which offers free 250 voice minutes and 250 text messages within their operator's network or the Solidarity Plus Plan, which has a monthly cost of $7.00 and includes 500 voice minutes and 250 text messages within your operator's network, plus 1.5 GB for data.

In addition, the plans do not have restrictions on incoming calls and text messages and offer free access to the following web pages:,,
www.minseg,, and

For users who cannot make payments on their overdue residential television bills, they will receive a free basic service that will include local TV channels, while residential Internet users will receive a free basic service of up to 2 megabytes that will allow them continue connected, and residential landline telephone users will receive a free basic telephone service, with which they will be able to make national calls to other fixed numbers.

The Solidarity Telecommunications Agreement was signed by Ana Patricia Salazar, president of Digicel Panama; Rodrigo Diehl, President of TIGO; Julio Spiegel, president of C&W; Antonio García, president of Claro; and Luis Powell, representing Armando Fuentes, administrator of the National Public Services Authority (ASEP).

The operators have come together with a single purpose: to provide the necessary connectivity tools and platforms to those who need it most in times as difficult as this, both for them and for the country, due to the pandemic, Julio Spiegel, president from Cable & Wireless.

General Butler 186 days ago
If you keep giving away free stuff no one is ever going to return to work. It's an ingenious plan to extend the plandemic as long as possible. Because we don't want folks to think everything is OK until we can scare them into being injected with the poisonous vaxxx and then get chipped so we can limit their travel and everything else they do. How stupid are you people in Panama? Oh, that's right, your average IQ is 84. I suppose it's too much to expect that you might be able to figure all of this out and stop it before you are completely enslaved.


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