Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

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Government will cancel payment of the solidarity bond to those who fail to comply with sanitary measures in Panama

The Minister of Health of Panama Luis Francisco Sucre reported that the National Government will cancel the payment of the solidarity bonus or digital voucher to any person who is caught breaking the health standards established by COVID-19 at the national level, on the date following the infringement.
We must avoid clandestine parties, meetings that some have called family, taking into account of course cousins, brothers and uncles, it is important that we remember that the bubble is the bubble of the home, which guarantees the reduction of risks contagion, Sucre said at a press conference on the epidemiological report of the coronavirus in Panama.

He added that the offenders will also be sanctioned by the Minsa .

We insist on the population, we need good behavior on the part of everyone, the vast majority are doing well, let's continue doing things in the best way and for the good of all, said the health minister.

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