Monday, Mar 08, 2021

Gobierno se prepara para definir fecha del bloque 2

Government prepares to decide Block 2 start date

The Minister of Health, Rosario Turner, reported yesterday that they are preparing a new measurement of epidemiological parameters to set the date for the reopening of economic activities in Block 2.
The information, without further details, was disclosed through a statement which also said that the minister issued instructions to start the tender process for rapid tests to detect cases of Covid-19.

Turner said that in the next few days ministry personnel will visit several companies to supervise the level of compliance with the adjustments established in the protocols for entering the 'new normal'.

According to the update of the epidemic in the country, the confirmed cases totaled 9,726 yesterday (120 new ones), of which 3,019 are hospitalized (747 in hospital hotels) and 343 hospitalized (272 in wards and 71 in hospital units). intensive care). Deaths rose to 279 (4 more) and clinical recoveries to 6,085.

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