Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

Las nuevas medidas de control sanitario serán implementadas a partir del lunes 21 de diciembre

Government indicates that December 21-24 and December 28-31 are working days throughout the country

December 21, 22, 23 and 24, as well as December 28, 29, 30 and 31 are normal working days throughout the national territory, both for public institutions and private companies, the National Government emphasized this Saturday through a statement.
The observation is made after the Ministry of Health of Panama announced the implementation as of next Monday of new sanitary control measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The exception is made that during the working days that go from December 21 to 31, 2020, the measure of restriction of mobility by sex was established, says the Government.

The statement reiterates that among the new measures is the restriction of entry to commercial premises such as supermarkets, stores, pharmacies, warehouses, hardware stores and others, by gender on specific days as follows:

- 21, 23, 28 and 30 are the days in which women will be able to go shopping in retail stores
- 22, 24, 29 and 31 is the men turn to make their purchases

The statement adds that both clients and establishments must observe the biosecurity measures established by the Ministry of Health.

It also reiterates that from December 24 at 7:00 pm until December 28 at 5:00 am; and from December 31 at 7:00 p.m. until January 4, 2021 at 5:00 am there will be a total quarantine.

The measure is adopted with the aim of reducing the movement of people in closed spaces and thereby reducing the chances of contagion from the COVID-19 pandemic, the statement points out.

General Butler 118 days ago
Is the government allowing the health experts to go so far with these insane proclamations so as to make the incompetence crystal clear to the general public? Just wait for it - as of January 4 they will announce an escalation and extension of the nation-killing restrictions. Folks, we are in WW3 and most don't even recognize it. The objective of this worldwide psychological operation is to force the entire world onto a mandated biometric track and trace surveillance system 'justified' by the need for periodic injections of unknown substances. The World Economic Forum's Great Reset is moving forward exactly as planned so long as governments fall in line by falling for their directives to shut down and destroy their own economies. After another year of this, perhaps less, populations will be so malnourished and financially broke that they will succumb to ANYTHING the WEF overlords demand. The only cure for this worldwide tragedy is to stop the tragedy, which is not a virus. The tragedy is ignorance and cowardice. Simply stop the lockdowns, focus on nutrition, make HCQ and ivermectin freely available, put people back to work, and accept the fact that in war there will be casualties. Committing suicide in the midst of war is generally understood to be a losing strategy.
Oh ya 118 days ago
The country has gone full retard. So 100 men shopping is OK or 100 women shopping is OK but 50 men and 50 women shopping at the same time is not. The people making these rules need new jobs. machete swinging might be right for them


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