Sunday, Jan 24, 2021

Ciudad de Panamá

Government establishes a gradual reopening plan for Panama and West Panama as of January 14

The authorities of the National Government announced this Tuesday the gradual and asymmetric economic reopening plan that will be implemented as of January 14 in the provinces of Panama and Panama Oeste.

The Minister of Commerce and Industries, Ramón Martínez, detailed that according to the established schedule, the reopening will be carried out as follows:

January 14

- Outdoor exercises and sports that are not contact, or group
- Retail trade (online and by delivery)
- Wholesale trade, only to supply and distribute to commercial establishments
- Construction industry, related activities and supply chains, such as production, import and distribution of raw materials and construction materials
- Administrative and general services, such as car rental, real estate rental, business support service, travel agencies and reservation services, promoters, agents and representatives of artistic, sports, academic and similar shows, scientific research services and development, marketing and advertising services, consulting, copying services, archiving and custody of documents, professional services, technical services, household and cleaning services, laundries and lavatories, places of worship with up to 25 people or 25% capacity.

February 1

- Retail trade in person, keeping the corresponding capacity
- Beauty salons and barbershops
- Child care centers

February 15

- Car washes, tailors and shoe stores
- Creative and cultural industries
- Industries pending to open
- In-person restaurants with mandatory use of acrylic partitions

March 1

- Gyms
- Massage, beauty and spa rooms.
- Lottery and racetrack.

March 15

- Beaches and spas
- Cinemas
- Casinos and gambling

Martínez added that the schools, colleges, universities and other academic institutions, children's amusement rooms, sports fields for recreational use, face-to-face congresses and events, bars, canteens, gardens, nightclubs and events remain without a defined date for their reopening and similar, concerts, fairs, carnivals, processions and parades.

It is worth mentioning that work activities in the provinces of Panama and West Panama were suspended due to the total quarantine measure established by the Ministry of Health with the aim of mitigating the spread of positive cases of COVID-19.

Regarding this, the Minister of Health of Panama, Luis Francisco Sucre , reported on an adjustment to the restrictions imposed, eliminating the control of mobility hours by ID in these regions, however, the days of purchases in shops by gender are maintained, Monday, Tuesday and Friday for women, and Tuesday and Thursday for men.

In addition, he announced that the curfew is in effect from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am and a total quarantine is established on weekends.

Sucre added that the previously established sanitary fences are maintained, which will be located at the National Police checkpoint in the Chepo district and at the El Lago spa in Capira.


Holly 10 days ago
4am to 9pm curfew not am


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