Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

Government: beneficiaries of the digital voucher must be vaccinated with two doses of anticovid before September 30

Government: beneficiaries of the digital voucher must be vaccinated with two doses of anticovid before September 30

The Government announced this Thursday, August 5, through a video on social networks, that the beneficiaries of the new Panama Solidarity Plan -which includes the delivery of the $ 120.00 digital voucher- must be vaccinated with two doses against Covid-19 before September 30.
Since July, the new solidarity plan began to govern so that citizens, affected by the crisis generated by the pandemic, continue to receive financial aid.

Beneficiaries had to enroll in courses taught by the National Institute of Vocational Training and Training for Human Development (Inadeh) or carry out community work.

The government detailed that 192,498 people enrolled in Inadeh courses and as of August 2, 50,000 people began their classes virtually. Of this last figure, 10,000 completed and received their certificate.

Omar Montilla, Vice Minister of Commerce, explained that they are inviting people who signed up to do community work to go to the centers authorized to receive the doses.

He said that these people will be exposed once they go to the places assigned to do service in the communities. And the most advisable thing is that they are protected with the two doses of the anticovid vaccine.

“This seeks to avoid the increase in infections during the selected community social service that the beneficiaries will do in the maintenance and rehabilitation of sports infrastructures and parks, fields or sports centers, schools and CAIPI, among other public places and with a large influx of people, ”the government said in a statement published on Thursday night.

The press release clarifies that those people who due to medical conditions cannot receive the Covid-19 vaccine will be exempted.

“We remind citizens that to continue as a beneficiary of the Panama Solidario Plan, in the digital voucher modality, they must perform a maximum of twenty-four hours of community social service per month, or participate in person, blended, or virtual, in any of the courses dictated by the National Institute of Professional Training and Training for Human Development, the Specialized Higher Technical Institute (ITSE) or others authorized by the Interministerial Commission of the Panama Solidarity Plan,” he highlights.

MHogan 47 days ago
Never would I have thought that Panama would be this heartless and so tyrannical. If they would do this, what else will they do to their people? “Do it my way, or suffer the consequences.” God help these people.
Sid 47 days ago
Nice hold back food from the needy until they take the clot shot. Cant get much lower than that. There is a special place in hell for these types of people who would mandate that


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