Thursday, Sep 29, 2022

Government begins disbursement of the Digital Voucher corresponding to September

Government begins disbursement of the Digital Voucher corresponding to September

The Panama Solidario plan will continue until December of this year. It is important to meet the requirements to continue collecting the Digital Voucher.
This Saturday, September 11, the transfer of the Digital Voucher began to citizens residing in the districts of Arraiján, Colón, Chitré, David, La Chorrera, Panama , Santiago and San Miguelito, who have met the requirements to receive the benefit.

Likewise, artisans, Inadeh trainers, members of the creative industry, peddlers registered with the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Panama respectively, among others, will receive the disbursement.

To receive the transfer, beneficiaries must register each month on the Panama Solidario platform and comply with 24 hours of community social service a month or participate in training courses from Inadeh or the Specialized Higher Technical Institute (ITSE).

People who don't need to take courses or community social service:

Workers with suspended contracts will continue to receive the benefit of the New Panama Solidarity Plan and will only have to update their data on the platform to register, but will not perform community social service or receive training.

Meanwhile, people with disabilities must also update their data to acquire the benefits of the new Panama Solidario plan and it will be validated if the beneficiary is a person with a disability certified in SENADIS, if they are not certified, they can send a proof or certificate in the platform.

Pregnant women must indicate their status on the form and upload their prenatal check; while women with a child up to 1 year of age, should upload their monthly pediatric control appointments.

Adults over 70 years of age will only need to update the data. They should not carry out any of the activities.

The Digital Voucher consists of a monthly allocation of $120.00 through the beneficiary's personal identity card, for the purchase of food, hygiene products and medicines.

To continue being a beneficiary of the Panama Solidario Plan and receive the Digital Voucher from October 1, you must have the two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine before September 30. People who due to medical conditions cannot receive the vaccine will be exempted from this measure.

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