Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

France: State of health emergency declared over Covid ‘catastrophe’

France: State of health emergency declared over Covid ‘catastrophe’

France’s government has declared a state of health emergency in New Caledonia amid rising Covid cases
A state of health emergency has been declared in the South Pacific archipelago of New Caledonia amid a growing number of Omicron cases and low rates of vaccination, French government spokesperson Gabriel Attal announced on Wednesday.

Emphasizing that the authorities “have to be prepared to react,” Attal said that the government has adopted “a decree declaring a state of health emergency in New Caledonia” as a response to the “sanitary catastrophe” on the archipelago, home to 270,000 residents.

The spokesman explained that the decision was made in light of the situation in hospitals, as the risk of overstretching the healthcare system increases due to the high transmissibility of Omicron and the “lower vaccination coverage” in New Caledonia. According to the French government’s figures, just over 68% of the islands’ population has received at least one vaccine shot, and the incidence rate has been 1,468 cases per 100,000 residents over the last seven days, as of February 1.

The state of emergency gives officials in the French territory the power to adopt extra measures against Covid, such as banning unnecessary travel. However, all such steps will be strictly proportionate to the sanitary risks, Attal assured.

New Caledonia managed to remain Covid-free until September 2021, but since then it has registered a total of 23,231 Covid cases and 284 coronavirus-related deaths.

The archipelago has become the latest overseas territory of France where the state of health emergency has been declared in recent months, following Martinique, Reunion, Guadeloupe, Guyane, Mayotte, Saint Barthelemy, and Saint Martin.

Houser Dugie 300 days ago
Happy to see others on here getting the truth out. Going on what you said, as if the deaths in VAERS (which are severely underreported) and ADE weren't already enough- now we know from the USA DOD data that we're seeing a 300% increase in cancer, 300% increase in miscarriages and 1000% increase in neurological health problems. So those who took the jab... just admit you fell for the biggest crime / con in world history, and be honest with yourself, you're going to be frustrated when you do, and that hostility and anger needs to be directed at the orchestrators - Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and Big Tech. Hit them where it hurts. Defund all who have clearly cast their lot with these criminals.
Oh ya 301 days ago
Yes the world's leading doctors told you ADE would come and take stupid jabbed people away but you would not listen


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