Saturday, May 08, 2021

Migración recomienda abstenerse de participar en manifestaciones que afecten el orden público y la seguridad

Foreigners warned about participating in protests that affect public order

The National Migration Service warned foreigners residing in the national territory that "they must refrain from participating in protests and demonstrations that affect public order and security."
This after the Association of Naturalized Residents (Arena) in Panama announced a peaceful walk to ask for the withdrawal of the draft Law 73 that could repeal Decree 249 of 2019, on the definitive permanence of foreigners.

Migration points out that the peaceful demonstration is part of Panamanian democracy and every citizen has the right to freely disagree, as long as it does not affect the community.

Article 65 of the Migration Law, highlights that Migration has the power to deport and order the impediment of entry to the national territory to foreigners, who violate public security, as indicated in paragraph 4 of this Law.

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