Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021

Los especialistas del contingente cubano, denominado Henry Reeve prestarán sus  servicios por un tiempo limitado en Panamá

Foreign specialists are trained in guidelines and protocols established in Panama

The Cuban doctors who arrived in Panama, to support the care of patients with COVID-19 , are in a process of induction, setting and training in the treatment guides and work protocols established by the Panamanian authorities.
Carlos R. Pérez, a first-degree specialist in internal medicine and head of the Cuban team that will support Panama in this pandemic, said that they have been summoned and prepared to help overcome the difficult moments that the country is facing due to the pandemic.

The Henry Reeve body of specialists for disaster situations and serious epidemics is made up of intensive care professionals, cardiologists, pulmonologists and internists.

The doctor explained that they have participated in assistance in 40 countries affected by the virus, not only in America but in Europe and Africa.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health (Minsa), prior to the Covid-19 crisis, part of the team worked on the Ebola epidemic in West Africa during 2014.

For her part, Sharomay Osma, medical director of the Figali Convention Center located in Amador, explained that the team of specialists has received an induction into all biosafety practices, care model and how the process is carried out within the structures of health in the country. This same process will be carried out with foreign specialists residing in the country according to health needs.

He said that they were presented with the guides and protocols developed by the group of specialist doctors in Panama for the care and management of COVID-19 patients and that they must abide by.

He explained that the guidelines developed cover everything related to the topic of medications, the parameters and follow-ups of these patients.

He reiterated that in this first phase of training, he also seeks to have knowledge of the facilities, mobility flowchart and safety induction in the proper use of personal protective equipment regulated in Panama.

In addition, the resumes of foreign specialist professionals residing in Panama in the areas of critical medicine, pulmonology, cardiology, emergency medicine and anesthesiology with experience in the intensive care area are being evaluated.

The National Government, through the Minsa, reported that the hiring of Panamanian doctors and professionals will continue throughout this process immediately, so Panamanian doctors are urged to present their resume to join the ranks of the team of professionals who fight every day against this pandemic.

MHogan 30 days ago
Great, but you can’t use any of the protocols you might have picked up in your experience with Covid19 if they conflict with what we allow. We care about curing our Covid sick but keep your ideas to yourself. Follow, don’t lead ... you might show us up. Indoctrination 101–got it!


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