Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

Este domingo en Venezuela se celebraron las elecciones parlamentarias en Panamá

Foreign Ministry of Panama considers that elections in Venezuela do not meet democratic conditions

This Sunday, the Foreign Ministry of Panama indicated through a statement that the parliamentary elections in Venezuela do not meet the conditions to ensure a free, democratic and inclusive process.
The Republic of Panama formally regrets that the parliamentary elections in Venezuela were held this Sunday, December 6, under conditions that did not guarantee a democratic, transparent, inclusive, free and fair process for the Venezuelan people, the Foreign Ministry said in the statement.

In addition, the note indicates that the institutional weaknesses of the process, the obstacles faced by the opposition parties , the little participation recorded by independent media and the absence of the recommended and widely accepted international observance sows unacceptable doubts in the results of this consultation.

Regarding its position, Panama as a neighboring and brother country, we call on all the actors of Venezuelan society to generate spaces that allow a broad national dialogue without preconditions, that can count on the support of the international community, and lead to a prompt, durable and consensual solution to the critical humanitarian, social and economic situation in the country.

From our historical position in favor of a constructive and respectful dialogue of the principles and values ​​of democracy, human rights and the rule of law, Panama will continue to support the efforts made through a peaceful and negotiated way to put a definitive end to the unsustainable Venezuelan crisis, concludes indicating the Panamanian Foreign Ministry.

Earlier this Sunday, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, described the parliamentary elections being held in Venezuela, in which the majority of the opposition abstained from participating , as "farce".

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