Saturday, May 08, 2021

Florida server receives $2,000 tip as part of ‘Just Be Nice’ challenge, shares with coworkers

Florida server receives $2,000 tip as part of ‘Just Be Nice’ challenge, shares with coworkers

A waitress at a Florida restaurant received a generous $2,021 tip on Tuesday as part of an internet challenge to help bring some extra cheer to the end of a tumultuous year.

Amy Pham, a server at the Wildflower Café in Clearwater, told FOX13 Tampa that she was shocked when an anonymous patron who ordered a $32.80 breakfast of avocado toast with sausage and a veggie quiche left the more than 6,000% tip.

"I will look back on this moment and be astonished at how nice someone can be,” she said. “There are a lot of negatives in life, but this reinstalls the fact that there are good people out there.”

The viral movement, known as the “2021 Just Be Nice Challenge,” leaves tips of $2,021 at various businesses to inspire others to tip generously in 2021, according to a Twitter account associated with the acts of kindness.

This year’s challenge kicked off in two locations: Clearwater and Petoskey, Mich., where a waitress named Becky at JW Filmore was the recipient of the tip.

Becky donated some of the tip to charity and will use the rest to pay her bills, her manager told WPBN-TV.

In Florida, Pham similarly paid forward the anonymous patron’s generosity, sharing some of the money with her coworkers, according to FOX13.

Pham told the station that she plans to use the rest of the tip to pay off credit card debt and to take her family somewhere nice.

The challenge was started earlier this year by an anonymous couple in Alpena, Mich., who are also business owners, according to media reports.


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