Friday, Dec 02, 2022

Florida bowling alley deploys robot to serve customers

Florida bowling alley deploys robot to serve customers

The futuristic robot at the Florida bowling alley brings food to customers and even sings to guests

Robots have taken over a bowling alley in Clearwater, Florida. At least in the food area at Maples Lanes Countryside Bowling Alley.

Bella, the robot, is garnering attention for creatively serving guests. Bella is a server robot designed to deliver food and sing to visitors.

"We recently just got Bella. She’s been fantastic. She is a robot that delivers food and also creates a great customer experience singing happy birthday. She’s just overall fantastic," Megan Briody, the general manager at Maples Lanes Countryside Bowling Alley, told Fox 13.

Children especially love interacting with BellaBot as parents pull out their cell phones to capture pictures and videos.

"I like how workers don’t have to carry the pizza," said Bailee Estep, a child who loves interacting with BellaBot.

Children love interacting with BellaBot, a robot designed to deliver food and beverages to guests at a Clearwater, FL bowling alley.

Robots like Bella are new to the restaurant scene, and many find the next technology an exciting addition. The futuristic server is aware of it surroundings with built-in censors.

"I haven’t seen many bowling centers with it or many locations with it, so we’re kind of ahead of the game on having that technology here," Briody mentioned.

The server not only can deliver pizza, but can direct customers to their bowling lane and can even be programmed to celebrate a great bowling game.

"On a business side, it’s been great for our café. When we have two cooks cooking instead of pulling away from the cooking to run the food, Bella then takes that role, runs the food to the lane," Briody explained to Fox 13.

BellaBot is a new addition to a bowling alley in Clearwater, FL. Managers told Fox 13 that the robot relieves employees by delivering food and drinks to bowling lanes.

Happy birthday mode can be programmed with a simple app. Bella will sing the celebratory song down the lane when welcoming the birthday person and deliver their snacks and drinks.

"A lot of people here like it and everybody would come here back again, everyday maybe, to get pizza just to see that thing," Lawson Estep mentioned.


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