Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

Cinco corregimientos figuran entre los más afectados por el repunte de casos de la Covid-19

Five townships are among the most affected by the rebound in Covid-19 cases

Five townships, between the provinces of Panama and Panama Oeste, have registered a high incidence of Covid-19 cases in recent days, at a time when the country is experiencing an upturn in the pandemic.
According to statistics from the Ministry of Health (Minsa) in the last hours in five sectors at least 50 cases of the new coronavirus were registered.

According to this report, the town of Vista Alegre added 88 new people with the virus, followed by Arraiján 75, both from Panama Oeste; Tocumen 69, Juan Díaz 62 and San Francisco 51, these three from the province of Panama.

Precisely these townships marked in the weekly report of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), published on Tuesday, December 1, on the places with the most active cases

For the aforementioned date, the report detailed the active cases: Vista Alegre (757), Tocumen (542), Juan Díaz (482 cases), San Francisco (417), December 24 (371), Arraiján (478), Barrio Colón (383) and Juan D. Arosemena (361).

For the eastern Panama region, PAHO marked Pacora (397) and in northern Panama, Ernesto Córdoba Campos (339).

All these townships had at least 20 new cases in the last hours according to the Minsa.

Faced with the new wave of cases, Nadja Porcell, national director of Public Health, reiterated that the biosecurity rules are clear and that if each Panamanian uses their masks and does what they have to do, we don't have to get sick or get to a hospital.

In statements to Telemetro, Porcell stressed that it is a situation of strengthening citizen awareness in the sense that we are all guardians of our health.

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