Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021

El crimen ocurrió el 27 de febrero de 2017 en el sector de calle Brisa del Río, La Palmita, en Tocumen.

Five men sentenced to 48 years in prison for murder of Senafront sergeant

Five men have been sentenced by the Trial Court of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama to 48 years in prison for the murder of a sergeant from the National Border Service ( Senafront ), which occurred in Tocumen, on February 27, 2017.
Additionally, the disqualification from exercising public functions was imposed as an accessory penalty for a period of 20 years, once the main penalty was served.

The Judicial Branch informs that through Judgment No. 142 / TJ-J, judges Iveth Francois Vega, Eyda Amarilis Juárez and Viterbo Quintero Montenegro, issued the sentence against the five citizens of 22, 25, 27, 28 and 33 years of age, for the crime against life and personal integrity, in the form of aggravated intentional homicide and against economic assets, in the form of aggravated robbery.

It details that the conviction was upheld by the judges based on the probative evidence of 65 testimonial, expert and documentary evidence, through which it was possible to verify the hypothesis presented by the Public Ministry, which was represented by Prosecutors María Medina, Leydis Itzel Rangel and the Prosecutor Humberto Rodríguez.

It adds that for the crime against collective security, in the form of an illicit association to commit a crime, the five citizens were acquitted.

It adds that in this case the public defense of the crime victim was in charge of the lawyer Heysel Acosta and the accusation by the Public Force, counted on the magister Miguel Ángel Avila Rodríguez; While the defense of the accused was in charge of the public defenders, Nora Martínez, Maybi Palma, Roger Cárdenas and Renaldo Griffith, in addition to the private technical defender, Ian Carlos Rodríguez, who failed to discredit the evidence of the Prosecutor's Office.

It is worth mentioning that these five people were unanimously found guilty during an Oral Trial hearing that began on October 28 and ended on November 24 of this year.

The process began on February 27, 2017, after a sergeant from the National Border Service lost his life while he was on patrol with his co-worker, in the La Palmita sector of the Tocumen district.

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