Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021

Se instaló el primer congelador de ultra baja temperatura de los 4 que estarán ubicados en el Programa Ampliado de Inmunización (PAI)

First of four freezers to receive vaccines against COVID-19 installed

The first ultra low temperature freezer, of the four that will be used to store the first group of vaccines against COVID-19 in the country, has already been installed, as reported by Ivette Berrío, Deputy Minister of Health.
The freezers will be located in the Expanded Program on Immunization ( EPI ).

Berrío, announced that next week the other 3 freezers will be installed, all specialized at -80 degrees C (-112 F) of temperature, and which are in the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies (ICGES).

She stressed that the National Government has so far made an investment of $5 million for the process of storage and distribution of vaccines.

Panama is ready to receive the first vaccines and these ultra-low temperature freezers have a capacity for 17 thousand doses per refrigerator, Berrio explained.

She added that with the acquisition of more freezers, the installed capacity of the cold chain in the country will be strengthened to receive vaccines from other pharmaceutical companies that require temperatures from +2 to –8.

The government is waiting to close agreements to acquire 5.5 million doses for the Panamanian people and with this amount to cover 80% of the population to be vaccinated, Berrio said.

Oh ya 59 days ago
Ya in a country where i lose power at least once a week. But the sheeple both local and gringo alike will rush to get a vaccine using a process that has never been used on humans before. Oh well more air for me
Claire 59 days ago
Anyone who takes this vaccine is either uninformed or downright stupid. It messes with DNA and can cause many health problems, including death. The government "officials" in the US who are said to take the vaccine? Hah! I'll bet they were injected with saline solution.


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