Friday, Feb 26, 2021

Firefighters report several injuries after explosion in an apartment in Río Abajo

The Panama Fire Department reported this morning about an explosion in an apartment of a building in the Río Abajo district, province of Panama.
According to a preliminary report from the Fire Department, personnel from the entity attend the incident in the Mystic Tower building and three people are reported injured with first and second degree burns, including two ladies and a minor.

Ángel Delgado, captain of the Fire Department, said that a gas tank was apparently being handled in the apartment, but that investigations are continuing to determine the specific causes of the incident.

In addition, that the affected women, aged 33 and 52, had second degree burns in 60% of the body, while the youngest of 7 years suffered first degree burns. In addition, he highlighted that another minor, 2 years old, was unharmed.

Firefighters reported that the building was evacuated and that specialized personnel are investigating the causes of the incident, which occurred on the top floor of one of the towers.

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