Saturday, Jun 12, 2021

Firefighters put out fire in Pueblo Nuevo

From afar, a large column of smoke was observed in the surroundings of the Pueblo Nuevo cemetery, on the Transismica road.

Personnel from the Meritorious Fire Department of Panama reported that they managed to put out a fire on Tuesday in a place in front of the Pueblo Nuevo cemetery, on the Transisthmian highway.

The incident began after 2:00 pm on May 25, in a company dedicated to supplying equipment to ships, spreading throughout the building and intensifying.

The main fear of the red shirts was that the structure would collapse in the fuel reserve tanks, since the fire was registered a few meters from a gas station.

The upper part of the structure collapsed.

Tank cars from the Calidonia, San Miguelito and Carrasquilla stations collaborated in the extinction work.

The causes of this incident are still unknown and there were no reports of people injured or affected by smoke inhalation.



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