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FEPABA announces camp with prospective Panamanian tops

FEPABA announces camp with prospective Panamanian tops

FEPABA organizes a camp to keep up close with the future national teams. They will be under the supervision of the Head Coach of Panama National Team, Flor Meléndez.
The Panamanian Basketball Federation ( FEPABA ) announced the holding of a camp with the best Panamanian basketball prospects, to be held from Saturday 15 to Friday 21 May, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, at the Arena Roberto Durán from the Irving Saladino Sports City.

The camp will be commanded by the coach of the Panama Major National Team , the Puerto Rican Flor Meléndez, assisted by the Spanish Pedro Carrillo and by the national coaches Adriano Macías and José Gómez.

The Panamanian canasteros summoned to the camp are between the ages of 17 to 22 who study and play in the United States as in the NCAA; Mexico and nationals, some with youth experience in the Panamanian Basketball League - LPB. The list is as follows:

Iverson Molinar - Mississippi State

Luis Rodríguez - Ole Mississippi

Brandon Franklin - USA

Alfonso Plummer - Utah

Ricardo Lindo - George Washington

Jayden Garcés - USA

Justin Diaz - Herrera

Amauri López - Bocas del Toro

Jonathan Salazar - Pacific

Rafael Camargo - Chiriqui

Aaron Gideon - Arizona Christian Firestorm

Rafael Alvarez, Isaac Machore - Panteras Basketball Club

Gonzalo Ortíz - Universitarios Basketball Club

Jesus Lombardo - Veraguas

José Toruño - Veraguas

Eric Grajales - USA

Demar Wilson - Panama

Aymar Wilson - Panama

Amilcar Sánchez - Panama

Steven López - Coclé Horses

Guillermo Navarro - Veritas - USA

Aldimir Castillo - Veritas - USA

Anthony Molinar - Veritas - USA

John David Gunn - USA

Oscar Zepheryne - Bulls of Chiriquí

Jonathan Andrade - Colon Road Runner

Justin Quintero - Mexico

Norberto Price - Mexico

José Montenegro - Coclé's Horses

Fermín Borbua - USA

Victor Alvarez - Mexico

Jhomar Garibaldi - Panama

Christian Quintero - Panama

Jacob Lewis - Bocas del Toro

Joshua Lemon - Coclé

Edwards Binns - Chiriqui

Arturo Molina, Diego Duque - Coclé's Horses

Sebastián Bósquez - Panama

Rasheed Jiménez - Colon

Emilio Toruño - Veraguas

Christian Batista - Veraguas

Adrián Roux - Panama

Enrique Solís, Fernando Morales, Gilberto Delgado - Chiriquí

Karin Hemmings and Johriel Zapata - Colón.

The camp will bring together the best Panamanian youth prospects and will serve to have direct contact with the players, who will be able to make up the Major National Basketball Team in the future. FEPABA also has scheduled this year to hold a camp for the best women in the field.

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