Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Etesa indicates when the ash from the La Soufriere volcano will reach Panama

Etesa indicates when the ash from the La Soufriere volcano will reach Panama

The forecasts indicate that this April 19, 20, 21 and 22 Panama will receive the effects of the sulfur dioxide cloud emanating from La Soufriere.
The Electricity Transmission Company of Panama (Etesa) explained this afternoon how will be the entry of pollution by volcanic ash and other toxic gases, from the eruption that La Soufriere volcano on San Vicente Island has had these days.

According to the Etesa Department of Hydrometeorology, the monitoring they carry out for Panama, based on the Copernicus model on winds at 1,500 meters, makes them predict that by this Monday, April 19, the winds will be intensified in the Caribbean basin. and over Panama the wind will be weak therefore the emissions or concentrations of ash will be low.

By April 20 in the central part of the Caribbean the wind will remain a little intensified, however towards Panama there will be a weak wind and a low concentration of pollution for the eastern part of the country, the rest of Panama will remain free of concentrations.

However, for Wednesday, April 21 and Thursday, April 22, the forecast changes a bit and it is expected that the wind will be accelerated and part of it is expected to enter the Caribbean coast of Panama, so the model shows some Ash concentration will be low and medium towards the Central and Eastern part of the Caribbean, the rest of the country will have low concentrations. The report adds that by April 22, the entry of winds from the East and Northeast will be appreciated, so that pollution will reach the Metropolitan area at low and medium levels.

Etesa assures that this is the forecast made according to the winds at levels of 1,500 meters and they add that they will continue with the monitoring to record and report any anomaly that may arise in the coming days.

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