Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

Panamá contabiliza a la fecha un total de 329,367 contagios de la COVID-19

Epidemiologist: Panama could have a third wave of COVID-19 in late March or early April

Epidemiologist Arturo Rebollón indicated this Thursday that it is possible that there will be a third wave of coronavirus infections in Panama, between end of March and beginning of April.
“This is like the story the wolf, we know mathematically that we can have a third wave at the end of March or the beginning of April. How do we know that? With mathematical projections, using comparative models with other countries that we know how the virus behaves, Spain is advancing two months with Panama, that is, we are seeing the future there,” Rebollón said.

He explained that before the third wave of COVID-19 cases, new recommendations have been indicated to reduce the risk of contagion and specifically avoid new variants of the virus, such as the use of two masks, verify that the masks are well attached to the face, improve ventilation, as well as reinforce education and prevention campaigns.

“It is not that as we know that it is going to come, we remain seated for the wave to come, no, you have to prepare yourself, do educational campaigns, use educational centers to prepare people, that's what schools are for, I'd like to see the schools moving forward and say we are the educational centers and we are going to be in charge of educating 25% of the population about how they do not get infected, that is sustainable," he said.

Similarly, he pointed out that the Ministry of Health (Minsa) could carry out educational campaigns with commercial establishments, so that the spread of COVID-19 can be controlled.

Captain 12 days ago
And you need to learn OY that millions are suffering what could be life long disabilities as a result of Covid. Half a million lives lost in US alone and the single largest killer by far. Don’t be so callous ...wait until you and yours are a victim and then come back as we would love to have your insight then
Oh ya 12 days ago
Someone needs to tell this expert that 99.7% of the people live


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