Sunday, Jan 24, 2021

El doctor Rebollón considera que ya puede haber gente muriendo en sus casas

Epidemiological projections estimate 100 daily deaths from COVID-19 in Panama for January

Epidemiologist Arturo Rebollón said in Radiography that given the current situation in Panama, with the drastic increase in COVID-19 cases, 100 deaths and more than 4 thousand infections per day could be expected.
We estimate that by January we would have 4 thousand cases per day, right now we maintain an average of 2,888 cases, which we will probably exceed the cases this week. In hospitalization we have 40 hospitalized daily, what does that mean: that the letter they put in The Insurance will fill it in one day. On the projection of deaths, it gives 100 deaths a day, Rebollón said.

The Panamanian epidemiologist indicated that already in Panama there are people dying at home from COVID-19, because they do not seek medical treatment on time and stressed that we should no longer speak of availability of beds but of availability of cots.

While Dr. Camilo Alleyne also said that the future of contagions that is looming for January in the country is dark and that the reality cannot be hidden, given that people have broken all biosecurity measures in the country.

Alleyne explained that all the arrangements are made so that the COVID-19 vaccine arrived in the country at the end of January.

General Butler 30 days ago
When are the authorities going to stop taking orders from big brother and make hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin freely available to the public?


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