Friday, Aug 12, 2022

Environment Commission will travel to the contaminated area in Donoso

Environment Commission will travel to the contaminated area in Donoso

The Population, Environment and Development Commission of the National Assembly will carry out this Friday, July 23, a tour in the Donoso area, Colón province, where the environmental incident occurred that left the waters of the Chicheme stream and the Pifá river gray.
This incident, which occurred on July 14, is being investigated by the Ministry of the Environment (MiAmbiente). It took place near the area where Minera Panamá extracts copper -open pit- in a 13,000-hectare concession.

MiAmbiente has indicated that it was a break in the weld joint of a pipe that carries process water to the tailings.

This pipeline exits the process plant to the tailings tank and contains chemically sterilized rock, but no mineral. The Ombudsman's Office has also asked MiAmbiente for a report on the monitoring process for possible contamination.

The deputies of the Commission, led by the PRD Petita Ayarza, will seek to corroborate the possible damages that were caused and will issue a report.

The Environment Commission, apart from Ayarza, is made up of the PRD deputies: Néstor Guardia, Luis Cruz and Arquesio Arias. For Democratic Change are the deputies Leopoldo Archibold and Hernán Delgado. The independent bench is represented by Raúl Fernández, by the Panameñista is Everardo Concepción and by the Liberal Republican Nationalist Movement, the deputy Tito Rodríguez.

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