Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Un hombre compra celulares, en un centro comercial en la ciudad de Panamá

Entrepreneurs demand an economic opening "without bureaucratic ties"

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) considered on Thursday that the reopening of the economy should take place without bureaucratic ties or measures that do not adhere to legality and due process.
The union stated that the National Government in its statements has been clear in saying that its role is to be a facilitator of private investment in the country. In this sense, they state that the health crisis that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic cannot justify ignoring fundamental rights, under the pretext of any other considerations.

Through a statement, the CCIAP indicated that private companies, proactively and responsibly, have provided constructive alternatives to avoid a deeper economic and social crisis than the one we are already suffering.

Therefore, the union considers that even though some measures have been communicated to ease restrictions on mobility and the operation of economic activities, these are insufficient, and have led to countless legal questions for affecting citizen rights.

The continuity of restrictive measures, without logical, technical support and with signs of unconstitutionality work against the success of the economic and social recovery, and the bureaucratization of the opening of activities is a contradiction to this reactivation, assured Jean-Pierre Leignadier, president of the CCIAP.

He indicated that the country has been subjected for five months to an 'extremely strict' confinement and with little comparison worldwide, parallel to an equally severe restriction of economic activities.

The CCIAP considerations arise days after the reopening of some economic activities in the country such as beauty salons and barber shops, the sale of vehicles and the opening of retail stores.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) also reported that as of August 24, the real estate offices, appraisals and wholesale distributors of non-food products will reopen.

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