Monday, Dec 05, 2022

El grupo presentó una manifestación-performance para visibilizar también la violencia contra las mujeres

'Empty pots' protest on Calle 50 in Panama City against inequality and corruption

A group of women dressed, mostly, in black, with empty pots and banners in their hands launched this afternoon on Calle 50 in Panama City a protest against the corruption and inequality that exists in the country.
The demonstration, led by a group called "Those with the empty pots," demanded an equal state for all, against corruption and the unequal distribution of money destined to the management of the pandemic.

According to the protestors, due to violence, the overload of tasks on women, inequality and poverty in the context of COVID-19, women are carrying the burden of work and suffering more from the consequences of the pandemic. This is also evidenced in the absence of responses to women with children who need to work to make any money to support the kids, said the protestors of the movement.

They also denounce the growing wave of violence against girls, adolescents, women and the LGBTIQ+ community and the lack of protection during the pandemic and reject police repression, institutional violence and the little action of the State on issues such as handling shelters for minors.

The protesters tied with a cordon closed some parts of main road in the city, while carrying signs with phrases such as 'I dream that the State protects me, as it protects the corrupt.'

As they explain, it is a demonstration-performance through which they also try to make violence against women visible: from January to July 2020, 23 femicides have occurred, almost double the 14 that occurred in those same months in 2019.

The fact that the State locked up the women with their abusers, without articulating responses for proper care of the victims, ​​is part of their complaint.

The Traffic Police and personnel of the Ombudsman's Office arrived at the point of the protest to speed up the traffic that circulated through this important street of the city and to ensure citizen protection.

Oh ya 822 days ago
The women should not be blamed for being beaten by their spouse but if they stopped being just baby factories they could leave these bums and find a decent guy.


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