Tuesday, Mar 09, 2021

Comisión de Reformas Electorales aprueba artículos sobre los circuitos plurinominales

Electoral Reform Commission approves articles on multi-member circuits

The members of the National Electoral Reform Commission (CNRE) approved the rules for voting in the next general elections in the multi-member circuits.
According to the Electoral Tribunal, this approval was by consensus and took place in the first meeting of 2021, which was held this Saturday, January 16, through the Zoom platform.

First, the proposals on how to vote in multi-member constituencies were discussed, with articles No. 323 and No. 380-A being approved.

These regulations establish that voters will be able to vote in 2024 as follows:

1. Vote for all the candidates on the list of a party or of a single free nomination.

2. Selectively vote for one or more candidates within the list of a single party or a single list of free nomination.

3. Selectively vote for more than one candidate from different lists of political parties or free nomination.

Similarly, the CNRE approved this Saturday the award of seats, contained in article No. 403, revealed a statement from the Electoral Tribunal.

The paragraph is added after numeral 4, literal b: "The parties or lists of free nomination that have obtained seats by quotient or half quotient, do not participate in the distribution of residue."

The CNRE resumed its sessions to debate the latest proposals for changes to the Electoral Code, which will be presented to the National Assembly at the end of January.

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