Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

Funcionarios de la Alcaldía de Panamá, la Junta Comunal de Don Bosco y unidades de la Policía Nacional (PN) efectuaron operativos para verificar el cumplimiento del toque de queda y ley seca en este sector

Eight people with covid-19 were caught drinking alcohol at Don Bosco

Yamileth López, medical director in charge of the Metropolitan Health Region, confirmed that during verification operations carried out this weekend in the district of Don Bosco, 8 people with covid-19 were caught drinking alcoholic beverages on public roads.
López said that these people were notified before the Government Innovation Authority (AIG), to be entered in the database and the benefits of Panama Solidario were canceled.

We are concerned because we see that the community continues to fail, does not continue to comply with the biosafety measures that we have established by the Ministry of Health, said López.

Operations were also carried out on December 24 -area to verify compliance with the curfew and dry law.

In this sector, López indicated, 10 people who were ingesting liquor and violating the curfew were punished.

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