Thursday, May 13, 2021

Educators in Panama ask to maintain virtual classes

Educators in Panama ask to maintain virtual classes

Educators consider that the conditions for a safe return to classrooms are not met.
The National Union of Educators for the Quality of Panamanian Education (Unecep), which brings together several teacher unions, ruled this Wednesday on the publication of Executive Decree No. 435, which regulates the gradual return to blended classes in Panama.

Educators assure that they are not opposed to returning to the classroom, but they point out that public schools do not have the necessary conditions, and therefore they consider that "virtual classes should be maintained."

In their pronouncement, they detailed a series of conditions that must be met before the reopening of schools, such as guaranteeing the vaccination against COVID-19 to teachers, administrative personnel and students, installation of the potable water service, electricity, infrastructure repair, staff of cleaning and administrative, Internet access, among others.

“We know that the economic sectors are fanning the opening to face-to-face classes, knowing that the risk of COVID-19 is imminent and that contagion and possible regrowth can occur, since the true conditions, biosafety and health guarantees are not specified. ”Said Unecep.

The decree promulgated by the Ministry of Education, which takes effect as of May 31, modifies the 2021 School Calendar and establishes the implementation of distance education and blended classes, gradually, progressively and voluntarily.

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