Monday, Mar 08, 2021

Mesa tripartita económica laboral establece metodología para tomar acciones ante crisis

Economic labor table establishes methodology to take actions to face the crisis

After the first week of sessions, the tripartite dialogue table for economy and labor development, created by the President to overcome the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, established its operating methodology.
In a statement issued this Saturday by the moderator of the table, Juan Bosco Bernal, it is highlighted that a consensus was reached to set the way to carry out this dialogue, which consists of three points.

An order for the dialogue was agreed, four thematic axes of discussion were established to analyze economic and labor issues, and the creation of technical commissions to address the established issues.

"With this established operating methodology, the parties are expected to present their specific proposals to find the solutions that the country so badly needs to begin to emerge from the profound labor, economic and social crisis it is in," the statement highlights.

This table will be in charge of analyzing and proposing the draft of the sectors that will possibly begin to reopen gradually to reactivate the country's economy in the midst of the pandemic.

The next meeting of the table, made up of the unions of workers, the business sector and the Executive, will be on Monday, May 11, starting at 11:00 am.

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