Wednesday, Jan 27, 2021

Era una pelota forrada con cinta adhesiva, que en su interior mantenía tres envoltorios con hierba seca, que se presume sea marihuana, y cigarrillos

Drugs and alcoholic beverages seized after drones were making a drop at the Santiago jail

Alcoholic beverages, alleged drugs and prohibited items were confiscated in the Santiago penitentiary, after two launches via drones and a delivery of the parcel.
In the first launch, a ball lined with duct tape was seized, which inside kept three wrappers with dried herb, which is presumed to be marijuana and cigarettes. On the second attempt, a plastic bottle with suspected liquor was seized.

While in the parcel review, a 24-year-old young man was caught trying to enter 18 packages of dry grass and another 2 of regular size with the same substances, and 10 packages with white powder, inside carrots.

The citizen was placed under the orders of the competent authorities, for the respective investigations.

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