Monday, Aug 02, 2021

Barrido de hisopado en las inmediaciones de la Universidad Tecnológica de Chiriquí

Dr. Labrador warns of possible measures for Chiriquí as COVID-19 cases increase

The chief Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), Leonardo Labrador warned that some measures could be taken for the province of Chiriquí in the face of a slight increase in the incidence of COVID-19.
“Chiriquí has ​​been the only sanitary region that, instead of achieving a decrease as in all the other provinces, has areas such as David, David Sur, Pedregal, Boquerón and Concepción de Bugaba, with a slight tendency to increase the incidence, no it is so significant but we are already preparing ourselves if we do not see an improvement in what could come with that province in the coming days, we are seeing the behavior”.

He maintained that they are in talks with local teams to assess the behavior in the coming days or weeks, since they are carrying out epidemiological surveillance.

He urged "the people of this province to comply, since they do not have a weekend quarantine or any kind of restriction beyond the curfew."

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