Monday, Mar 08, 2021

Médicos y personal de salud reciben amenazas de familiares de fallecidos por coronavirus

Doctors and health personnel receive threats from relatives of people who died of coronavirus

The Panamanian Association of Intensive Care Doctors (Aspami) and health professionals announced on Saturday, June 20, that they have received threats from relatives of some patients who have died from the new coronavirus.
Through a statement, the union explained that they were notified that the medical staff and health personnel received "physical and psychological" threats, despite the "firm and vertical" support for the population severely affected by pandemic.

"Despite the tiredness, stress, physical and emotional fatigue that represents our areas of care, we have remained firm and committed to patients and families, even when the picture is discouraging and sometimes frustrating due to the impotence we feel facing difficulties in care and patient losses”, highlights the note.

The health personnel work shifts can be over 12 hours because there is not enough staff to treat the number of patients, which generates not only physical fatigue but also affects mental health.

The association requested the support of the population and the security forces to guarantee patient care and the integrity and safety of the medical and health personnel.

"We understand the difficult circumstances represented by a seriously hospitalized family member, however, we reject threats that are issued to any of the health professionals who daily go the extra mile towards the recovery of the majority of our patients," said Aspami announcement.

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