Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

Médicos panameños piden no comprar una vacuna contra el virus de manera “apresurada”

Doctors advice Govt to avoid a "hasty" purchase of COVID-19 vaccine in Panama

A group of Panamanian doctors reiterated on Tuesday 1 September that primary care is key in the fight against COVID-19, and they ask not to buy a vaccine against the virus in a "hasty" manner.
Samuel Pinilla of Panamanian Doctors for the Prevention of COVID-19 (Mepcovid), pointed out there are different countries doing a lot of research and what the Government should do is wait for all the investigations.

Pinilla explained that each of the vaccines must fulfill five (5) phases, hence Panama must evaluate its side effects of the application in humans, meanwhile there are other protocols for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

In that sense, Marta Roa, of the Mepcovid board of directors, explained that patients can be treated with antiviral, antibiotic and immunomodular drugs, as a combat weapon for the virus.

Roa indicated that with well-administered treatments, there may be more than 90% effectiveness, which is optimal to calmly wait for a vaccine.

Doctors also ask the Government to be taken into account to offer primary care protocols.

It should be noted that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers that a vaccine against COVID-19 should be approved based on the results obtained in phase 3 clinical trials to avoid abusing shortcuts that could affect the data on its true efficacy and safety.

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