Thursday, Oct 06, 2022

Deputy awaits broad debate on project on chemical castration for child rapists

Deputy awaits broad debate on project on chemical castration for child rapists

The initiative aims to create the mandatory hormonal inhibition of sexual desire or chemical castration for rapists or abusers of minors.
Deputy Fatima Agrazal, proponent of the draft Law on mandatory chemical castration for rapists of minors in Panama, defended the initiative, which in her opinion is necessary and may have good results.

Agrazal explained in statements to Telemetro Reporta that the initiative has important points such as the registry of rapists and sexual abusers of minors and modifications to Law 55 of July 30, 2003 of the Penitentiary System, so that those convicted of crimes related to sexual freedom receive therapeutic treatment.

She assured that the National Assembly (AN) is prepared to debate this type of project.

“We are going to have three broad debates in which we invite society to join, this law is not written in stone, it can be modified on its way, what is wrong will change. We need to start with something,” said Congresswoman Agrazal.

She said doctors and specialists are also expected to join the discussion of the chemical castration project.

She indicated that it is not a political law, "we are not going to allow this law to be used politically at any time."

She recalled that other initiatives related to the abuse of minors have been vetoed by the Executive, such as the creation of the Inter-Institutional Committee whose objective was to prevent, increase penalties and monitor victims and perpetrators in a psychiatric way.

“I believe that the Assembly is prepared at this time for this type of debate because if not I would like to ask the question, what are we going to do? We stand by the crossed hand, what is the wonderful solution?” she declared.

Chemical castration is a medical treatment by which certain drugs or chemical substances intended to inhibit sexual desire are given to an individual on a regular basis, in this case the rapist or sexual abuser effectively prosecuted and convicted.

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