Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

Protesta de este miércoles en la Corte Suprema de Justicia.

Demonstration in front of Supreme Court against same sex marriage

Religious groups attended the Supreme Court of Justice on Wednesday afternoon to demonstrate in favor of marriage between only a man and a woman.
Dressed in white and with Panamanian flags, the protesters occupied the sidewalk and steps of the Gil Ponce Palace of Justice, raising signs with messages such as "Divine order is perfect" and "Changing natural marriage is challenging science and reason".

This comes days after the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights recommended to Panama the recognition of equal marriage.

The Supreme Court of Justice has pending to resolve a warning of unconstitutionality presented by Enrique Raúl Jelensky and John Winstanley, against articles of the Family Code that prohibit marriage between people of the same sex.

What we hope through this peaceful demonstration is that our Panamanian magistrates fail in law, we reject any foreign interference that wants to bend the will of the Panamanian people, we respect the rights of all people, but what we cannot accept are privileges to a group, said one of the attendees.

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