Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

Dos personas caminando en la ciudad de Panamá

Decree that establishes total quarantine and mobility restriction in Panama and West Panama is published

Executive Decree No. 1686 of December 28, 2020, which establishes sanitary measures for the restriction of citizen mobilization in the provinces of Panama and West Panama, was published this Monday in the Official Gazette.
The measures will take effect from 5:01 am on Monday, January 4, 2021 until 5:00 am on Thursday, January 14, as announced by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

Among the measures are: restricting the mobility of people, with the exclusive purpose of supplying food, medicine or fuel, except for health reasons, using as a basis for this, gender and identification number in the case of nationals or passport for foreigners.

Women may circulate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while men on Tuesday and Thursday.

A curfew is established for the provinces of Panama and Panama Oeste from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., from Monday, January 4 to Thursday, January 14, with the exception of days of total quarantine.

The decree indicates that home delivery services used for the sale of food and medicine may operate until 10:00 pm

During the total quarantine period, access and use of parks, squares, stadiums, gyms, the Cinta Costera, Calzada de Amador, beaches, rivers and public spas is prohibited.

The document also indicates that in total quarantine, open and closed social areas, such as gyms and swimming pools of horizontal property (PH), neighborhoods, residential areas and hotels may not be used. Neither will meetings or celebrations between people who do not live in a residence be allowed.

They establish that in the period of mobility restriction, curfew and total quarantine, the process of construction and authorization of public works that are strategic for the National Government in the face of the health emergency will be maintained.

The installation of sanitary fences will also be maintained in the provinces of Panama and Panama Oeste, from January 4 to 14, 2021. They will be located at the National Police checkpoint in the district of Chepo and in the El spa resort. Lake, of Capira.

For the rest of the national territory, the curfew is maintained from 7:00 pm to 5:00 am

The Minsa, in coordination with the public security bodies and the Joint Task Force, will ensure compliance with the measures established in the decree.

The violation of the provisions will be sanctioned by the competent authority.

Oh ya 106 days ago
If Panama west and Panama are so bad why do they get a 8 to 5 lock down and the rest of the country get a 7 to 5.? So according to the government if your area has more affected then you can stay out longer. This is BS


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