Sunday, Jun 20, 2021

Curfew extended in Panama Metro and San Miguelito

Curfew extended in Panama Metro and San Miguelito

The galleras may open and the measures are made more flexible for certain districts of Veraguas, restrictions remain in Chiriquí and Coclé.
The head of the Ministry of Health of Panama ( Minsa ), Luis Francisco Sucre explained that given the increase in cases of COVID-19 in several townships of the district of Panama and in San Miguelito, to maintain control over infections, it has been decided to expand the curfew from this Monday, June 7 from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am.

In addition, shops are told that they must close at 9:00 pm

It should be noted that Minister Sucre exempted from these measures on Tuesday June 8, the day in which the Panama soccer team plays, the people who attend the game.

Sucre indicated that in sectors such as San Francisco, Don Bosco, Juan Díaz, Bella Vista, Betania and Parque Lefevre, the cases of COVID-19 have risen; and in San Miguelito in districts such as Rufina Alfaro, Amelia Denis de Icaza, José Domingo Espinar and Omar Torrijos, the cases have also risen dangerously; For this reason, surveillance in these sectors will be reinforced in coordination with the Joint Task Forces.

In Panama, the townships of San Felipe, Otoque Oriente, Otoque Occidental and Taboga are exempt from this measure as they present low rates of COVID-19 infections.

Veraguas, Chiriquí and Coclé

While in the province of Veraguas the Minsa decided to reduce curfew hours from 12:00 am to 4:00 am in the districts of Cañazas, Montijo, Calobre, Mariato, Santa Fe and Río de Jesús; the rest of the province will remain with a curfew from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am and total quarantine on Sundays; In addition, the Veragüense districts of Atalaya and La Mesa were warned that if they continue with the increase in COVID-19 cases, new restrictions will be imposed.

For Chiriquí and Coclé, Minister Sucre indicated that the curfew is maintained in view of the fact that the decrease in infections has been minimal. The minister stated that the Remedios district is the only district in Chiriqui that was freed from the restrictions and will only be maintained with the curfew from 12:00 am to 4:00 am

For these sectors, the indicators will be reviewed next week and every 15 days, and decide according to these if they are released from the restrictions.

Sanitary fence on the island of Aligandí

The head of the Minsa reported that 106 positive cases of COVID-19 were detected on the island of Aligandí, so it was agreed with the local authorities to impose a sanitary fence and bring an inter-institutional team to address the situation in that sector of the Guna Yala region.

Galleras reopening

Minister Sucre reported that since July 7 the reopening of sheds has been approved, as long as they comply with security measures and with a 25% capacity. However, he pointed out that in the provinces where there are restrictions, they must be met.

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