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CSS refers to research on travel to Mexico carried out by members of the Board of Directors

CSS refers to research on travel to Mexico carried out by members of the Board of Directors

The Public Prosecutor's Office assured that it was able to prove that the payment of the trip to members of the Board of Directors of the CSS was paid for by an individual.
After the statements of the Procurator of the Administration Rigoberto González, he gave about the situation in which the investigation is carried out on the trip made to Mexico in November 2019 by three members of the Board of Directors of the Social Security Fund ( CSS ), the entity issued a statement clarifying some situations.

Regarding the situations of this investigation that clarifies the CSS, he assures the following:

- The National Authority for Transparency and Access to Information (Antai) filed this administrative investigation, as no purchase or agreements were made with the aforementioned company.

- The Director General of the CSS (Enrique Lau) did not participate in said trip nor did he allocate any resources for this purpose.

- The CSS is always fully available to support any investigation carried out by the competent bodies, always adhering to due process.

- Similarly, there is a legal process in the Supreme Court of Justice, at the request of the CSS, the Institution will refrain from issuing opinions so as not to cloud the process that must be defined in the highest judicial body.

This Monday González had advanced to RPC Radio that it was possible to prove in this investigation that the person who paid for the trip to Mexico was an individual and the information provided by the Attorney General is that this individual was related to the company that was carrying out an investigation. tender here in Panama.

In addition, González indicated that at the moment the investigation is in the hands of the Second Criminal Chamber in the administrative aspect, since it had to determine if the action of the Attorney General's Office with respect to the imputation of charges to those indicated in this case was correct or if the appeal that those involved had made proceeded.

In its statement, the CSS indicates that it places its trust in the Panamanian justice, which remains open to the flow of information and that it hopes that the prompt resolution of this process will be allowed.

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