Monday, Sep 27, 2021

El proyecto Ciudad de la Salud consiste en un conjunto de edificios diseñados originalmente para albergar 45 quirófanos, 1,250 camas y consultorios para diversas especialidades médicas.

CSS estimates that the City of Health will be ready in two years

The director of the CSS reported that the terms have been finalized with the FCC company to reactivate the construction of the City of Health.

The general director of the Social Security Fund (CSS), Dr. Enrique Lau Cortés, reported that the Ciudad de la Salud project could be completed in two years, after the reactivation of this work was confirmed.

During a press conference, Dr. Lau Cortés indicated that the terms have been finalized with the previous contractor ( FCC company ) to reactivate the construction of this project, which is expected to be in October 2021.

Regarding the transnational agreement reached with the FCC company, Dr. Lau Cortés explained that the arbitration agreement against Panama is withdrawn, due to differences over the contract, before the International Chamber of Commerce, which amounted to 125 million balboas.

In the same way, through this arrangement it is concluded that the CSS should not pay anything to the previous contractor company; on the contrary, they must make a payment to the institution of $1.2 million.

“They consist of FCC exiting the project and assigning the contract to a Panamanian consortium of hospital constructions; it is also obliged to leave a performance bond for 140 million balboas until it is replaced by a total bond for the project by the new consortium, "said a statement from the CSS.

The director of the entity also argued that a bond must be left for hidden defects for 33.9 million balboas, to guarantee the CSS to compensate in case there is a constructive defect in the works that have been carried out so far.

An addendum (the seventh) is currently being prepared, which consists of economic and time readjustments, with bonds that guarantee the completion of the construction within a period of no more than 24 months.


The reactivation of this project should generate about four thousand direct jobs in the construction sector, which would be a boost for the economic recovery of the country, affected by the health situation.

Similarly, other income would be generated for the informal sector, which depends on the direct movement of infrastructure construction.

City of Health

This project consists of a set of buildings originally designed to house 45 operating rooms, 1,250 beds, and offices for various medical specialties.

It includes the construction of the Institute of Cardiology, hospitalization rooms, Nephrology Hospital, blood bank, a transplant center, an area for the development of robotic surgery, burn unit, Pediatric Specialty Hospital, laboratories, pharmacies, treatment plant sewage and solid waste; among others.


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