Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

En los próximos días se realizarán barridos casa por casa para captar más casos y efectuar la trazabilidad correspondiente

Covid-19 cases decrease notably in San Miguelito, Samaria registers higher incidence

The San Miguelito district registers a significant drop in covid-19 cases. From 500 daily positive cases, the sector decreased to a 150 at most.
In previous weeks the test positive rate was 35%, currently it is between 15% and 20%.

The sectors with the highest incidence of cases in the district are: Samaria, in the township of Belisario Porras,: Torrijos Carter and Santa Marta in Belisario Frías, and Villa Lucre and Brisas in José Domingo Espinar and Rufina Alfaro.

Currently San Miguelito accumulates more than 38,000 cases of coronavirus, of which 90% have recovered, leaving around 2,500 active cases, with a RT 0.74.

The director of the San Miguelito Health Region, Yaritzel Ríos, explained that they are looking for strategies to increase the number of swabs performed to find positives cases, however, they are not able to reach the number of daily tests that they counted before.

"We do 500 tests a day in the district of San Miguelito, before we did up to 700 ... people approached [us], we saw that the swab centers and health centers were crowded, [which is] no longer [the case], we are looking for strategies to increase the tests," explained Ríos.

In the coming days, house-to-house sweeps will be carried out to discover more cases and carry out the corresponding traceability.

Rios explained that in a school located in El Crisol, a call center was set up to make traceability more effective: "There are 15 people who make the calls and ask about risk factors, how many people they live with, and monitor patients," she explained.

Regarding non-covid-19 certificates, Rios said that people who were tested in polyclinics, there should request the certifications, while those who had the swab done in facilities of the Ministry of Health should send an email to with your personal data and your request.

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