Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021

Corte ordena el cierre de al menos ocho despachos judiciales a causa del virus

Court orders the closure of at least eight judicial offices due to the virus

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the Judicial Branch to suspend the judicial terms in about eight judicial offices that operate in building 725, located in the Ancón district.
Through agreement No. 135 of last August 11, the Plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice ordered the closure of the offices of the jurisdiction of free competition and consumer affairs, municipal civil court, the second and third courts of liquidation of criminal cases of the first judicial circuit of Panama, the eighteenth civil court, the center for alternative methods of conflict resolution and other administrative offices.

Since the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the country, a total of 258 judicial officials, including judges, administrators and collaborators, have tested positive for Covid-19.

Also at the headquarters of the Accusatory Penal System in Plaza Ágora, a high incidence of virus infections has been registered, which led to the reduction of the personnel working in these facilities.

The Plenary of the Court ordered to apply health measures such as the mandatory use of masks for officials and users of the system. In addition, the number of users who can be in an office for their attention at the same time was reduced to two.

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