Monday, Sep 20, 2021

Court admits two testimonial evidence and one documentary on the fourth day of trial for Pinchazos Case

Court admits two testimonial evidence and one documentary on the fourth day of trial for Pinchazos Case

Prosecutor Ricardo González said that the prosecution has a way to prove that an Internet service was hired to use the Pegasus tool.
After 12:00 noon on Monday, the Public Ministry reported that during the morning session of the fourth day of oral proceedings against the former president of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli for the Pinchazos Case, the admission of two testimonial evidence and a documentary related to Internet service in the National Security Council.

The superior prosecutor Ricardo González explained that the testimonial evidence supports the inspections that were carried out in the Security Council and the installation of broadband Internet "with the purpose of achieving telephone interceptions."

"We want to make a statement today and it is that the defense of (Martinelli) has tried insistently to distort the evidence presented by the Prosecutor's Office and that are in an order to open an oral trial, those elements have already been subjected to a prior contradictory that is where the test is cleaned up, that is, that has already been evacuated,” said prosecutor González.

On the documentary evidence added to a testimonial presented this Monday, the Prosecutor's Office stated that it is allowed to prove the theory of the case on “how an Internet service that the Security Council had is canceled to give another company the opportunity to develop some work pending, let's remember the Pegasus tool, here we talk about that one.”

Prior to the start of the proceedings, the Superior Prosecutor Ricaurte González stated that the Public Ministry will continue with this oral trial even though there are extrajudicial agreements, since there are still 45 victims in this case in order to prove the theory and request a conviction.

For his part, former President Martinelli came to the SPA saying “one has to always show one's face, not hide. I have always done it and in adverse conditions ... here I am fighting this political trial where they are trying to disqualify me and they do not care about anything with a trial that has no basis.”

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