Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021

Costa Rica fights pandemic at the Nicaragua border

Costa Rica fights pandemic at the Nicaragua border

While the government of President Daniel Ortega has turned its back on the pandemic that the world is experiencing due to Covid-19, its southern neighbor Costa Rica keeps recording new cases of the virus among truckers coming from Nicaragua.
This Friday, May 15, the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica reported that since May 11 it has detected 31 Nicaraguan carriers infected with the virus.

Since May 8, the Costa Rican government established that drivers who wish to transit their territory must be tested for the new coronavirus.

Both on its borders with Panama and Nicaragua, tests are carried out, especially on cargo drivers traveling in the region.

In the posts of Peñas Blancas and Las Tablillas, on the Nicaraguan border, cases of Covid-19 been detected amongst the truck drivers.

In Costa Rica as of this Friday, 843 infected cases had been detected and only 10 deaths have been reported since the first case of the coronavirus was detected in its territory.

Infected drivers cannot enter Costa Rican territory and are returned to Nicaragua.

In Nicaragua the official figures have not been reported. Last week for three consecutive days the Ortega government did not reveal the spread of the pandemic in their area.

The Nicaraguan Medical Association records at least 74 infections between doctors and nurses. In addition, it was reported that 36 imprisoned opponents were infected with the virus.

According to the AFP agency, only the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health has the powers to test Covid-19, since private parties were not authorized to acquire the tests.

Health Minister Daniel Salas revealed that 50 truckers will be escorted from the Peñas Blancas border post to the border with Panama and ensure that there is no new Covid-19 outbreak.

Salas explained that the Covid-19 test was applied to these drivers and they were negative, so they can continue their route to Panama.

That group of carriers can only make one stop on their journey, which began this Friday at 11:00 pm Panama time.

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